About me

After finishing high school I thought it would be cool to become a Jazzpianist. And that is what I did.

I am very grateful to have met wonderful teachers and many inspiring people on my way. After finishing the conservatory in Hilversum I moved to Amsterdam and I went on learning about music. By listening to others, practising, rehearsing and playing gigs at jazzbars, clubs, festivals and theaters. I still do and I hope my curiosity to discover new things and to face unknown situations will never stop. I like music with a free spirit and I find that in the many styles of jazz and improvised music. From all these influences I try to develop my own style, my music. Please take some time and listen to my recordings, if you like.

Thanks for visting my site and I hope to see you somewhere when I play.

A few facts


Born in Oberhausen, DE


Abitur at Freiherr-vom-Stein Gymnasium, DE

1986 - 1991

Study Jazzpiano at Hilversum's Conservatorium, NL


Move to Amsterdam, NL


Debut album "tales of the frog" with Balthaus/Lochs 4-tet

1994 - 2008

Teacher at Conservatorium Osnabrück, DE

2008 - 2015 & again since 2017

Pianist at Millennium Jazz Orchestra

since 2012

Collaboration with Berthold Records