Albums (selection)



The focus is on relaxed improvisations. Five tunes feature singer Eva Kurowski. Released on Vinyl.

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Elegant, with rough edges

Bert Lochs' compositions and arrangements are from another world, fairytale like and haunting.

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Vulnerable, poetic and bold

An exciting musical landscape, thoughtful lyrics and a voice that captures your heart.

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Smooth and swinging

A warm voice, with a great sense of timing. Originals and pearls from the great jazzcomposers.

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Sharp, edgy and humorous

The album on which they brilliantly set the jazz tradition on fire.

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A voice black as coal

Eva Kurowski's very personal interpretations of the American songbook.

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A unique, amazing voice

Refined in its detail, playful in its arrangements, honest, endearing and intimate.

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A pure jazz orchestra

With the vibes one finds in a big city: surprise, special, conspicuous, spectacular and exciting.

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Refined, contemporary jazz

With a lyrical note.

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Lightly roughened and yet soft like velvet

Profound lyrics and first class arrangements. A journey that flashes by.

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Flowering jazz

Surprising, ironic and elegantly beautiful.

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Here is a composer/arranger in the first place

The sections are intertwined in many ways, with surprising sound colours as result.

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A superlative big-band album

Clean sections, articulate and enterprising soloists, sharp and resourceful charts by Joan Reinders.

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In an almost movielike abstract manner...

Original and strong music, with three sparkling soloists.

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An intimate reflection

Poetic music that captures the ear, captures the heart.


A tribute to jazz and life

Colorful and attractive.

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Original grooves

Music that touches the heart and triggers the brain.

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Well-known tunes of the great American composer

Fresh and new, while still recognisable.


A beautiful, lyrical album

...inspired storytelling. Jazz is not only music, but also a way of living...very sympathic.


An adventurous journey

Traveling from Neobop with fast tunes and ballads to the world of funk-inspired contemporary jazz.


... tinged with romance

My debut. Music, where melancholy and optimism constantly fight to win.