Eva Kurowski

Eva Kurowski - voice
Dirk Balthaus - piano
    Sophisticated lady
    Willow weep for me
    Don't explain
    I cover the waterfront
    There will never be...
    Body & soul
    For all we know
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A voice black as coal

Eva Kurowski, writer, actor and jazzsinger from the Ruhrgebiet. Jazz was present in her life from the very first day. With pianist Dirk Balthaus she made her first steps in her career as a singer. When their pathes crossed again they still shared their love for this great music and decided to work together once more. This Duo offers a wonderful programm of selections from the American songbook in an intimate setting.

In the XL version, with some fine jazzcats from Amsterdam, called the A-DAM QUARTET, they bring an entertaining and lively performance to the stage.

Eva Kurowski - voice
Jörn Anders - trumpet
Dirk Balthaus - piano
Sven Schuster - bass
Joost Kesselaar - drums
    Since I fell for you
    Willow weep for me
    You'd be so nice to...